Pierres season 2015

Pierre Ehret
Pierre Ehret
The Car Collection Mercedes at the 24h of Dubai - picture by Heinz-Josef Hilger
The Car Collection Mercedes at the 24h of Dubai - picture by Heinz-Josef Hilger

After his debut on Mercedes at this years 24h of Dubai, sportscar-veteran Pierre Ehret has fixed the remainder of his race-programm for the season 2015. The 58 year old german will continue to run in the Gentleman-Trophy of the Blancpain Endurance Series. He´ll share a Mercedes AMG SLS GT3 of the german Car Collection team together with last years co-pilot Alexander Mattschull in the 5 races of the SRO-endurance series, which includes the 24h of Spa Francorchamps. Further engagements at some 24h-classics and at least one heat on the Nürburgring Nordschleife round up the season.

"Together with Alexander I decided to switch from Ferrari to Mercedes this year. Car Collection convinced us at my initial race this year, the 24h of Dubai." explaines Ehret. The race in Dubai ended with a solid 6th in class (A6-Am) and 18th for the all german crew of Pierre Ehret, Tim Müller, Dirk Parhofer, Jürgen Krebs and Norbert Pauels. "Car Collection aquired this car recently back from South America and rebuild it completely. We expect it to be in brand new condition for the season-start at the 3h of Monza on the 12.th of April. The 24h of Nürburgring is also on our schedule and we want to do at least on VLN-heat in preperation for this, with currently VLN2 on the 25th of April under consideration."

For the 24h-heats at Spa and the Ring, Car Collection is currently searching for Co-Pilots of Ehret and Mattschull to complete the proposed 4-driver linups on the SLS. Additionally Ehret will also contest the 14th edition of the 25h of Thunderhill which can be considered as his californian home-race. Ehret will field again his Award Motorsport / Ehret Family Winery-Porsche for the american enduro next December. Appearaces at further races are in negotiations but not necessary fixed as Ehret explains.

"Le Mans is always a topic, but this year the remaining cockpits are that expensive, that It is very likely that I'm taking a break at La Sarthe. I also had offers to run an entire season at the Tudor-USCC-Series, but decided against it. The packed calender with 10 races was impossible to be matched with a reasonable balance between time for family, business, leisure and sports. So I decided to stick to the 9-10 races (incuding Dubai) we fixed this year."

Concluding Ehrets programm after the 24h of Dubai, there are currently 8 races: Additional to the 5 races of the Blancpain Endurance Series and the 2 races at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, including the 43rd edition of the 24h at the Ring, the 14th Edition of the 25h at Thunderhill will provide a suitable end to Ehrets race-calender 2015 which looks like this:

12.4 3h Monza (BES)
25.4 VLN Nürburgring (VLN)
16-17.5 24h Nürburgring
24.5 3h Silverstone (BES)
28.6 1000km von Le Castellet (BES)
25-26.7 24h Spa (BES)
20.9 3h Nürburgring (BES)
5-6.12 25h Thunderhill