Pierres 1st 24h of Dubai

DragonSpeeds Audi R8 LMS ultra (photo: Audi-Motorsport-blog)
DragonSpeeds Audi R8 LMS ultra (photo: Audi-Motorsport-blog)

Pierre Ehrets 2013 season is starting as early as possible. At the 24h of Dubai on the 11-12 January the 56 year old german sportscar-pilot is participating with a new team in the 8th running of the famous twice around the clock event in the middle east.

„I will join Elton Julians american DragonSpeed-Team with their Audi R8 LMS ultra GT3. As me, Elton participated in the WEC last year. This year he intends to do several 24h-Races with his own team in Dubai, Nürburgring and Spa plus the 12h of Bathurst and several VLN- and GT3-events.“

Pierres teammates in Dubai are the american sportscar-talent Eric Lux – winner of the 2011 ALMS-LMPC-class -, Vicente Potolicchio - winner of the american Ferrari-Challenge 2010 & 11 and LMP2-class winner in Le Mans 2012 -, the american Porsche-Pilot Peter Aronson and the japanese Ferrari-Challenge Pilot Hideki Francis Onda.

Although Pierres last enduro-challenge ended with the best possible result – the overall-win at the 25h of Thunderhill – he is realistic regarding the prospects in Dubai. „For me everything is new: the track, the race, the team and my teammates. So running faultless as many laps as possible should be our overall goal. If you run troublefree a top-10 finish should be possible. But to archieve that with up to 70 expected cars on the 3.355 mile long track will be a challenge on its own.“

The race in Dubai starts on Friday the 11.January at 14 O´clock local time (9 o´clock GMT) and can be followed via live.24hseries.com.