The Ring & Spa – week of legends for Ehret

Audi Race Experience R8 on the Nordschleife - picture by VLN-Homepage
Audi Race Experience R8 on the Nordschleife - picture by VLN-Homepage
Pierre Ehrets season is getting into the busy european part. The 56 year old sportscar-privateer completed his first VLN-race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife last weekend. After this experience he is about to start preperations for the 6h of Spa, which will be held as 2nd heat of the FIA-WEC next weekend.
„Objective for our VLN-Race was a solid finish – which we did with a 20th overall and 15th in the SP9/GT3-class. That is ok for 201 starters. It was the debut for the teams brand new Audi R8 LMS ultra and so we had no proven setup or gear ratios, which will be optimized for the 24h race in 3 weeks time. The car was definetly stiffer than the old R8 of my Audi Race Experience team and so Marco Werner – our leading pro-driver – was happy to archieve a 8:38,1. As these were my first 12 racing laps I was happy with my fastest 8:54 too, so I got some confidence in the car and the track. Its better to approach carefully to the limit of this monster of track which unfortunately proved to be right regarding the red flag at the end.“
Also this 3rd race of the season was ended by a red flag 10 minutes before the end after a Ginetta and the 3rd placed BMW Z4 collided at highspeed at the Tiergarten-bend: „There you have a speed of 260-280kph. Many Toppilots are lapping with nearly no safety-margins in case that a overtaken car is leaving its line. We preferred to go better 90% than 100% risk in this areas. Maybe thats a way to survive the 24h and finish even in the top10 with some luck.“
Now the 6h of Spa will follow next Saturday as 2nd heat of the FIA-WEC. „There I have 2 new american teammates with ALMS-regulars Gunnar Jeanette and Frank Montecalvo joining me on the Luxury Racing F458. After our mishap in Sebring, where we crashed out before the start of the race, I expect first championship points for our crew.“