6th in class at the 1000km of Spa

At the 25.th 1000km of Spa-Francorchamps the CRS-Ferrari of Pierre Ehret, Shaun Lynn and Roger Willis archieved a fine 6th place in the GTE-Am-class. A flat tire ruined the teams strategy of 3 double turns per driver, which costed the trio at least 2 places in the end.

Pierre Ehret concludes the race: „The 6.th rank was won with some luck. We gained 2 places in the final laps of the race. One by our teamkolleagues which collided with the leading Formula Le Mans. Unfortunately Roger had a flat tire at the start of his stint which meant we had to to 2 unscheduled stops with a further splash & dash at the end of the race. That costed us at least 2 better places at the end. Our 2nd problem was a notorious understeer. Especially in my 2nd stint I had zero grip. I just managed to go through Eau Rouge flat out only 2 times in the race, which means you loose each lap 1 second at the long Kemmel-straight after Radillion. Fortunately the further incidents were limited for us. I had a tangle with the Larbre Competition Corvette but that did not hurt us too much. Out teamkolleagues in the sister-car had less luck.“

53 teams started the race last weekend. The CRS-Ferrari #62 of Pierre Ehret, Shaun Lynn and Roger Willis archieved a 6th in class and a 29th place overall after taking the chequered flag after 137 laps. Winner of the 25.th 1000km of Spa-Francorchamps, which were ended after 6 hours with an official race-distance of 1127,632km and 161 laps was the Works-Peugeot 908 of Alexander Wurz, Marc Gene and Anthony Davidson. The GTE-Am-class was won by the Porsche of the frensh duo Narac/Armindo. In the GTE-Am-classification of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup the CR Scuderia Ferrari is now 5th in class.

The next heat of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup is the 79. 24h of Le Mans which is taking place at the 11th of June on the famous street-track La Sarthe in France.