Qualifying at Le Mans

The CRS-Ferrari at qualifying in Le Mans - picture by Jan Hettler
The CRS-Ferrari at qualifying in Le Mans - picture by Jan Hettler

The qualifying-sessions for the 79.th edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans ended for the CRS-trio Pierre Ehret, Roger Willis and Shaun Lynn with a 53th startplace for the Ferrari F430 GTE #62. The german/american/new zeeland trio archieved the 9th rank in the GTE-Am-class for the classic twice-around-the-clock race.

During the session Ehret held the 2nd class-rank for some time. „Then unfortunately Shaun experienced a spin and was hit by a blue Porsche. That cost us some time to repair and the rest of the session we kept my 2 less Le-Mans-experienced collegues collecting laps in the dark, so that they know the track better.“

Pierres second qualifying was a little better with a 13th startposition for tomorrows Ferrari Challenge Tropheo Pirelli race with 50 starters. „Unfortunately here too we were blocked by a broken gearbox. Otherwise a 6th or 7th place would have been in reach. But I had to adapt a lot. Corners you take with the GTE in 2nd gear are run with the Challenge car in 4th. So the archieved experience with the smaller car is of little use for the GTE.“

The 24h Le Mans will start tomorrow at the 11.6 at 15 O´Clock. The race of the Ferrari Challenge Tropheo Pirelli will be started at 11.15.