Pierre Ehret misses Podium closely at 1000km of Portugal

Only closely Pierre Ehret and his teammates missed a podium rank at the 1000km of Portugal, which was the 3rd round of the Le Mans Series on the last weekend (30th July to 1st August). Finally one managed the fourth rank in GT2 category.

Together with Dominik Farnbacher and frenchman Anthony Beltoise, Pierre Ehret started in the team of Farnbacher Racing with a Ferrari 430 GT on the new circuit in the south of Portugal. The 4.652 kilometres long track is situated near Portimaos only 70 kilometres away from Faro.

With positions six, five and two the trio found a good set-up for the up-and-down track. “It worked quite well and so we were optimistic for the qualifying and the race”, Ehret stated, who reached place three during the second round of the Le Mans Series.

In qualifying on Friday evening one reached the fifth rank and in doing so took a starting rank in third row for the 1000km race on the „Autódromo internacionale Algarve“.

Besides the new track and the debut of the Le Mans Series at Portugal, there was a new starting time too. For the first time it was a night race. At 20.15 the race-director started the competition and 5.50 hours later the results were clear at 2.00. Finally the trio only missed one lap in order to reach the podium.

The start was driven by Dominik Farnbacher who improved from fifth to second position. Later he handed over the car to Pierre Ehret. He drove a solid and fast stint and passed the Ferrari to Anthony Beltoise. “It was not that easy, since I had to pay attention to the faster prototype cars. Moreover it was difficult to see properly in a lot of corners and cambers. It is quite a challenge to keep an eye on the rear view mirror while concentrating to the front as well. But that is the attraction of motorsport.”

Until the fourth stop one was classified in a promising position until a tyre blowout cost time. “Farnbacher just had been in the pits and taken new tyres, when he drove over a carbon part which was lying on the track after an accident.”

So one lost a lot of time, which one was partly able to catch up again. But in the end one lap was missing in order to repeat the success of the last race.

„We can be happy with the race. We were able to keep the pace of the leading teams and rank two or three could have been possible”, Pierre Ehret resumed.

The next race of the Le Mans Series will be hosted at the Nürburgring from 21st to 23rd August. (Text: Ralph Monschauer - motorsport-xl.de)