Season review of Pierre Ehret 2009 - Rank four in LMS

After five rounds of the Le Mans Series 2009 Pierre Ehret ended up taking rank four in the overall classification of the GT category. In the end he only missed three points for third place…

„During the final round at Silverstone we were already in second position, as we dropped back due to a broken driveshaft and gained no points”, Ehret stated after the 1000km of Silverstone. "A podium rank was possible this time. It is really a pity not to finish the last race of the year, especially since we were really quick. But it was not meant to be", Ehret resumed.

But this represented the only null result for the pilot of a Ferrari F430 GTC. During the other races he was able to gain points consistently.

At the opening round on 5th April in Barcelona he reached rank four together with his teammate Anthony Beltoise.

Four weeks later the second race was held at Spa on  May 5th. Here he started with his teammate Dominik Farnbacher. Taking place four was a successful result which meant important points for the championship table.

Portugal was the venue of the third round on 1st August. It was the first time that the Le Mans Series was held on the 4.652 kilometres long circuit near Faro. Ehret learned the track quite well quickly: “This track is very difficult, many fast turns, whose turn in is often blindly. Especially it was hard to focus ahead of you and keep an eye on the mirrors for the prototype traffic”, Ehret said after taking rank four in finish. One missed podium only closely since a tyre blowout did cost time after one drove over a carbon part which was lying on the track. “Rank two or three could have been possible”, Pierre Ehret resumed.

At the Nürburgring one celebrated a great placement on 23rd August at the fourth round of the Le Mans Series. Together with his teammates Dominik Farnbacher and Anthony Beltoise the team finished third during the home race on German ground. "It's always great to reach the podium", Ehret stated after the race. "If this happens AT the Nürburgring it is even better."

The final round was the 1000km race of Silverstone on 13th September, where Ehret finished the race but in not contention for points due to the repair of the aforementioned driveshaft.

At the end of the year Pierre Ehret and his team FBR placed fourth in the overall classification of the GT2 category of the Le Mans Series.

Besides the Le Mans Series Ehret started at the 24 hours of Le Mans as well. On 13./14. June he raced for the team Modena Racing in a Ferrari F430 GTC. His teammates were Leo Mansell (son of the ex Formula 1-World Champion Nigel Mansell) and Roman Rusinov. For Ehret the the event meant his seventh participation and after finishing in rank seven it was his fifth arrival in series at the 24 hours of Le Mans. “Finishing the 24h of Le Mans is always something very special. So we can be happy with our performance. Without some incidents a better result could have been possible. The team did a great job and worked hard for this success”. (Text: Ralph Monschauer -