Pierre Ehret taking rank eight at 24h Daytona

Pierre Ehret managed rank eight during the 46th edition of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Before the race one aimed higher but in the end one could be happy with the result, because it was no easy race.

Together with his teammates Dominik Farnbacher, Dirk Werner and Timo Bernhard Pierre Ehret raced for Team Farnbacher Loles in a Porsche GT3 Cup in GT-category on the 5,73 kilometres long Daytona International Speedway. In Qualifying the team did not risk too much and tried several setups.

Starting from row six, Dirk Werner drove the first turn, but had to get back to pits already after 40 minutes due to a broken control arm. During the repair one lost twelve laps at all and dropped back to the very last position of the 43 cars comprising grid.

But the quartet caught up bravely and showed a good performance. “Besides the pit crew of Farnbacher Loles made a brilliant job”, Ehret said.

As one just had got in touch with the grid again, the next backlash was to come. A tyre burst and damaged the cooler. After another pit stop one was lacking 16 laps, which were impossible to reduce again. Nevertheless the team kept motivated and finally one reached a place among the top ten. During difficult, rainy weather conditions the team drove second best lap time of the entire GT grid and took rank eight in finish.

„With such a top driver combination one surely is aiming for better results, like a podium position”, Ehret stated after the race, “but we can be happy with rank eight. We dropped back already in the very first hour and we knew that it would be difficult to reach a good result in the end. So after the event we now really can be glad with ourt achievement. Competiton during the 24 Hours of Daytona is extremely high and so smaller problems threw you back at once. But that’s racing!” (Text: Ralph Monschauer - motorsport-xl.de)